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Minors Getting In? Catch Fake Ids

Are you looking for the best ID scanner for bars, nightclubs, and pubs in Australia? Patronscan ID scanners are used by nightclubs across Australia. Spot fake IDs and keep minors out, add patrons to the Flagged Patrons List and spot patrons who have been flagged from other establishments.

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How Patronscan helps your bar

Seeing more Fake IDs than ever before?

You’re not the only one. Quality Fake IDs are easier to buy than ever. They look and feel authentic and can even fool the best ID checkers. Our customers have trusted us for over fourteen years to find the smallest details that catch Fake IDs from over 4,500 different pieces of identification.

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Fake IDs easily fool barcode scanners.

When it comes to catching Fake IDs, scanning the barcode is not good enough. Fake ID suppliers advertise "scannable" fake IDs where the barcode or magnetic strip will scan as legitimate. Barcodes are one of the easiest things to fake with only 1 point of reference to validate. 90% of the security measures are built into the front of the ID.

Patronscan authenticates the front and back of the ID comparing over 6,500 data points on the ID. With Patronscan, you can be confident that you’re catching fakes.

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Fake ID scanners that actually work.

Fake ID templates are readily available for issuers all across North America. Most are cheap to buy, fairly sophisticated and new templates are printed all the time. Patronscan crowd-sources Fake IDs, meaning our partners around the globe submit newly-printed Fake ID templates right from the scanner. Once identified, they're built into the system and for positive Fake ID matching.

No other ID scanner does this. It's just one of the reasons why Patronscan catches over 6,000 fake IDs every week.

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Fake ID scanners that actually work.

Fake ID are readily available all across North America from every jurisdication. Most are cheap to buy, fairly sophisticated and new templates are printed all the time. Patronscan crowd-sources Fake IDs, meaning our partners around the globe submit newly-printed Fake ID templates right from the scanner. Once identified, they're built into the system and for positive Fake ID matching.

No other ID scanner does this. It's one of the reasons why Patronscan is the leading ID scanning system in North America.

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More Patronscan Benefits

Advanced Multi-Layer ID Verification

Fake IDs get better everyday, and so does Patronscan. By utilizing our software and scanning the front of the ID we easily identify which IDs are real and which are fake. Scanners that only scan barcodes are easily fooled. Using Patronscan is the best way to protect yourself and your venue from costly fines

Read All Types of Identification

You want your ID scanner to be as effective as possible, which means scanning all types of IDs. We scan everything from driver’s licenses and military cards all the way to passports and even international IDs. Patronscan already has the ability to scan over 4,700 different IDs from around the world and that number keeps growing.

High Speed Scanning

Your front door shouldn’t prevent guests from entering your venue because of long line ups. Patronscan makes checking IDs a breeze. In 3-4 seconds your security staff will know everything they need to about the guest standing in front of them and help keep your line running smoothly.

Powerful Shared Flag Network

Spotting troublemakers before they cause an issue is hard. Patronscan will alert you when someone has been flagged by another venue. You will be told exactly when and why they have been flagged, so you can help keep your venue and your patrons safe.

Scan History

By using Patronscan at your venue you take away the convenience of being another face in the crowd and help increase the accountability of your customers. Your scan history includes names and live images making it easy to go through and point out exactly who was causing trouble in your venue.

Real-Time Alerts

There are times when you need to know things immediately. Door staff can send out text message alerts in real-time from our system. Send an easy text alert to all security staff when a fight breaks out. Even notify management with a text when a liquor inspector or the police arrive at the front door.

Live Stats

Patronscan ID scanners provide you with up-to-the-minute bar and club stats. Live stats on capacity and demographics are sent directly to your cellphone every 30 to 120 minutes. Fake ID and flags shown notifications are sent as an immediate text as well. You can even check real time dashboards through the Patronscan app.

Daily Reporting

A Patronscan ID Scanner will provide you with powerful reports daily, weekly and monthly, allowing you analyze your bar and club stats to increase your profitability.

Membership Management

Reward your regular guests with the special membership treatment. Add them as a Gold Card, VIP Member or anything that fits your venue. Every time your members arrive, your door staff will be notified as well as a text will be sent out to your membership experience manager.

Mandatory Membership Management

Scan an ID, get a signature and done. With Patronscan mandatory membership forms are filled out in seconds. With a single scan you’ll know if your customer is already a member or if you need to have your form filled out. Ditch the extra time you’re spending on filing and holding customers up at the door. Switch to a paperless system and ensure you have a log of your customers in case of an inspection.

Guest List Management

Patronscan will automatically check your guests in once their ID is scanned and give you the option to check their guests in with them. You can add, edit, or remove guests directly from the scanner, a computer, or even on your phone. Patronscan updates instantly so you always know who’s on the list and who’s already showed up.

Promoter Tracking

Promoters are a great way to get more guests to your venue, why not make it easy for them? Using their phone, they can add patrons directly to your guest list, updating your scanner in the process. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that you take care of the promoters who take care of you. Track exactly how many guests showed up from each promoter so you know who your top performers are.

Challenge Questions

Experienced door staff have been using these questions for years and for a good reason: they work. We supply challenge questions that relate to the ID, but the answer can’t be found anywhere on the actual ID. We have these questions for every state, provincial and international IDs.

Stop ID Passing

The most prevalent way for minors to enter your venue is sharing an ID. We provide an alert with a live picture, making it easy to determine whether your patron left and came back, or if you caught someone ID passing. It even works if a different type of ID is used. Driver’s license and passport? Military card and green card? We’ll catch it and keep minors out.

Confident Age Confirmation

Fines for having minors in your venue are not only costly, they’re avoidable. Using Patronscan at your front door provides easy to read visual alerts for any minors trying to enter your venue. Five bright green check marks on Patronscan confirms confident entrance for the patron. It shows they are of legal age, the ID is not expired, it is their first entrance that night, their ID is valid and they aren’t listed anywhere on the flagged list. Making your ID check quick and easy.

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Patronscan has the largest ID scanning network in North America with operations in Australia and the UK. We are driven by continuous innovation and hyper customer care, a combination of which has resulted in the most advanced ID authenticator in solutions that our customers love. When you choose Patronscan, you become part of our family, and as such we are committed to you and your success. To find out more how we can best serve you, please pick your industry.

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Patronscan is committed to protecting people and their privacy. It is our responsibility to protect all patron personal information. We comply with all privacy regulations in their respective jurisdictions.

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