The Patronscan Advantage

Patronscan is a privately held company built from the ground up by continuous innovation and hyper customer care. In our early stages we tried other ID scanners and found that they didn't do a great job of reading and authenticating IDs. As part of our progress we developed our own proprietary technology that has become the leader in ID authentication worldwide.

Our customers use Patronscan in multiple industries to create safe environments and trustworthy relationships. As part of our hyper customer focus, we build custom solutions to specific needs as well as implement the best feedback for our off the shelf products. When you choose Patronscan, you become part of our family, and as such we are committed to you and your success.

Our Commitment to You

Fake ID Detection

Our first-class fake ID detection algorithm can authenticate and catch most fake IDs within seconds. We use patent pending algorithms that go beyond the simple barcode scanners. With sophisticated fake IDs coming from around the world, we are always on the forefront of the authentication technology.


Our software uses a combination of technologies such as artificial intelligence, character recognition, barcodes, rfids, microprint, etc. to ensure that you will have the most accurate ID scanner in the market.

Extensive Library

We use our own proprietary ID scanning engine (patent pending). With over 4500 documents and counting built into our document library, we can read a multitude of IDs from around the world, including non-standard IDs and passports. Whenever we encounter a new ID, we add it to our library and release it within 2 business days.


We are always improving and releasing new features. Whether you have new staff or we release new modules, we will always be available to give you free training with one of our support specialists.

Ongoing Diagnostics

Our team of engineers are always looking for ways to make our solution better and faster. Some of our best features come from our customers feedback and our ongoing diagnostics. With us, you will be constantly updated to the best innovation.

24/7 Support

With Patronscan you will always be looked after. We have unlimited support with a real human, always available to help you anytime you need.

Why Patronscan?

Because we are driven by continuous innovation, hyper customer care and precision ID authentication technology to fight identity fraud on the world's largest ID scanning network.

Ids Scanned

Fakes Detected